Getting Started : What to Expect

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   Initial phone call  give a brief description of the issue or problem you are seeking support with in outpatient counseling.

Private Pay Sessions can be arranged to longer time frames to uniquely meet Your Needs

If you will be using 

Insurance or Employee Assistance Plan ( EAP) benefits please have the answers to the following:

 Have your insurance card available....

     Who is the insurance company? 

  What is the phone number for Providers to call?         

Do you need an Authorization?      

    ..  What is your ID or Subscriber's Number?    What is your Group number?

     What are your Benefits? 

Do you have a Deductible ?  Has it been met ?  

What is your co-payment for outpatient mental health sessions?   

How many sessions per calendar year are you allowed?

Next:  Have a date and time in mind that you would like to set for your first appointment.  

* Appointments are made on the HOUR. 

                  Sessions - 50 minutes       EAP sessions - 45 minutes 

     REMEMBER once the appointment is made there is a 24 hour cancellation policy  which means you must call 24 hours in advance to cancel or reschedule your appointment or you will be billed $110.00 for the first appointment.

         Prior to your first appointment 

Complete New Client forms

Download and complete the New Client Packet of Forms    or    Come by the Office and pick up packet (or arrive 20 minutes before your appointment) .   These contain Client History forms, Privacy Practices forms, Release of Information forms, HCFA claim form, and Therapeutic contract.  We will review all these forms during your first and second appointments.

         First Appointment:   Bring a notebook with you.  I will be giving you home assignments and reading resources

Your Treatment Plan will be customized to your presenting problem and symptoms.

             For Marital/ Couple's Therapy :  We will address Communication Skills, Defining Values , Marriage Statement and issues specific to your situation.

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 For an appointment Please call:

 281 980 0083