Part of my life journey has been a progression of       learning opportunities through a unique path of employment:  beginning with bookkeeping; then  managing a drapery workroom; on to purchasing for an interior design firm; then contract interior               designing, founding "Special Effects"

  - my own creative custom accessories, art and wall graphics company; enjoying and learning in an Art Gallery - Coop as owner/artist;

life changing journey as cancer thriver, culminating into a spiritual quest;

 and now practicing in the Mental Health Field.  I interned  and worked contract for:  IntraCare Hospital, West Oaks Hospital, West Oaks Clinic - Fort Bend, Houston Area Women's Center, Fort Bend Women's Center, and Packwood Psychotherapy Services before I opened my own private practice in 1992.

 Purchased 214 Brooks Street property in 1990, renovated and I moved my practice here in 1994.


 Therapist's Profile


 Degrees :   Bachelor of Science in Housing, Interior Design and Related Arts    1975

      Master of Arts in Behavioral Science     1989

   Licenses :                 Licensed Professional Counselor    

 Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist

             Board Certified Art Psychotherapist        Registered Interior Designer


There is a wonderful bridge

between Art and Science interwoven into my life.  I have come to understand the power of the symbol of that bridge.  It thrives in my life to bring BALANCE to all aspects of living.  I laugh as I find my office now located between the brand new TOWNE CENTER of Sugar Land and the old beginnings of this town at the old Sugar Mill refinery just a short walk away at HWY 90 and Brooks Street.  That BRIDGE metaphor is one that we will walk for you as you transform from your old self and beliefs to your new self and dreams.  We will walk a journey through your life story....past, present and future...traversing that bridge through the illusion of time........We will also walk that bridge between the conscious, the unconscious and the collected unconscious as we delve, as you choose, more deeply into those unopened doors or passages into the unknown, the feared or the mis-understood experiences you have within you.  Therapy takes some courage....your discomfort or pain or yearnings have brought you here to seek results.

 Your story like mine will bring you

here to evolve

 For an appointment Please call:  281 980 0083



Photo Note:     Photo Above is on Scenic Route: The Highways of the Legends, CO...This is a home on a bridge over the Purgatory River.